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The Integrative Biomathematics Learning and Engagement Network for Diversity (iBLEND) project at North Carolina A&T State University prepares students for graduate study at the interface of biology and mathematics. The iBLEND project supplies both a physical and virtual intellectual setting where Students find a sense of identification, belonging, responsibility, and achievement for leadership and service roles in biomathematical research careers. 

The BLEND project will produce undergraduate students prepared for the interdisciplinary nature of biomathematical research. 

To accomplish this goal, the iBLEND project:

(1) links research and classroom experiences,
(2) provides joint-mentoring at the interface of mathematics and biology, and
(3) broadens the appeal of biomathematics training and research.  

We're actively recruiting students for the BLEND Project now! Here's your application form.

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iBLEND is a
Undergraduate BioMath (UBM) Project sponsored by NSF Grant No. 1029426